Relocation Appraisal


Selling a house is always a big job....add the anxiety of a new job and the move to a new town and the stress can be overwhelming.  To minimize the effects of a relocation it is important to select a trained professional appraiser who understands the process.  When considering an appraiser ask yourself these questions;


Q: Is the appraiser a member of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council?

A: Our Chief Appraiser has been a member of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council since 1993.


Q: Does the appraiser have the benefit of specialized training in relocation appraisal?

A: Our Chief Appraiser has successfully completed the Worldwide ERC Relocation Appraisal Training Program.  The course includes information on the concepts and procedures of relocation appraising as well as, line-by-line instruction on completing the ERC Summary Appraisal Report.


Q: How long has the appraiser been doing relocation appraisals?

A: Our Chief Appraiser has been performing relocation appraisals since 1993.  Our Senior Associate Appraisers have over 50 years of combined experience doing relocation appraisals.


Q: Does the appraiser have in depth knowledge of your neighborhood?

A: The appraisers at QSource, Inc. have been appraising residential real estate throughout southwest Ohio since the late 1980s.  We have conducted thousands of in depth market anlayses during this time and have both the general and specific knowledge necessary to make a reliable relocation appraisal in your neighborhood.


A relocation appraisal is different from an appraisal made for mortgage financing.  In a mortgage appraisal we solve for Market Value, which is retrospective and assumes an adequate marketing period has already taken place.  Conversely, in a relocation appraisal we solve for Anticipated Sales Price.  This definition of value is prospective and the value conclusion is typically forecasted 90-120 days after the date of inspection, considering the market dynamics of the neighborhood at that time and the anticipated market dynamics during the forecasting period.  As a result, the relocation appraisal requires an understanding of differing fundamental concepts and greater analytical skills than those used in a Market Value appraisal.


If you're a relocation services company in need of a local appraiser, look no further.  Our professional relocation appraisal products are backed by superior technical expertise, in depth market knowledge and a client service philosophy.  Whether you're an employee or a service company seeking a relocation appraisal professional, please browse our website to learn more about our qualifications, expertise and services offered.


Relocating can be stressful.  You can rely on the professionals at QSource, Inc. to deliver reliable results and minimize the anxiety associated with the relocation appraisal process.

More Relocation Questions?

Relocating can be a stressful and sometimes a better understanding of the process can provide some relief. Feel free to drop us a line - we're happy to help. Don't forget to include your telephone number if you want us to call.